Monday, March 14, 2011

why hello there spring break!

alright party people, so i'm all better now! & perfect timing too! because... iT'S SPRiNG BREAK BABY!! woohoo! haha i am just a happy little lady right now. i soaked up the sun on thursday & friday. got some fresh new tan lines! mmm haha. on friday night i went to the Ostrich Festival with a few of my Gilbert friends & my little sister. that was a good time! we got to witness the Ready Set concert which was awesome. i only know one song from them {Love Like Woa!} haha but it was fun. they were pretty good! i felt like an old maid though because everyone at the concert was like 14. haha but yeah, so after the concert, we rode some riveting carnival rides. my favorite one would have to be the Starship. haha laughed myself to tears on that one. such a fun gut-busting ride. we didn't see any of the ostriches though. but there were stands there that were selling ostrich meat.. which i found to be morbid, ironic, & gross. haha needless to say, we decided to invest in a strawberry funnel cake instead. mucho delicioso. :) on saturday, i took the twins to go see *Red Riding Hood* which was {surprisingly} really good! it's very suspenseful & keeps you guessing throughout the whole movie, but it's great! the twins & i enjoyed it. so now i'm getting super excited because this thursday i'm going on a roadtrip to utah with the wonderful miss hillary udall! YAAAY! :D she's turning 21 this weekend so this trip is going to be a party for sure! & we're going snowboarding!! aaaah!! i am muy muy muy escited! but yeah so now i'm gunna watch some chelsea lately, put on the movie "Surf's Up!" & go to bed. goodnight blogworld! mucho amor! xoxoxo ps. ONLY TWO WEEKS TiL MADiSON GETS HOOOME!!! :D

Thursday, March 10, 2011

timing is everything...

so i've been sick with a terrible cold/flu/sinus infection situation for a week now.. fever, bodyaches, sore throat, coughing, you know, all that fun stuff. so i've been watching all these cute love movies to distract me. {murphy's romance, a walk to remember, pride & prejudice, twilight, how to lose a guy in ten days, juno} i love these movies. even though they make me feel like the only single lady in the world. haha my goodness, i do not like this worthless feeling that sickness brings me. it's humbling in a way but also pretty depressing. but yeah, i hope i'll get better by this weekend. especially since next week is SPRiNG BREAK!! sheesh, i did not see that coming so soon. crazy how time flies. anyway, so i randomly remembered this cute song from the heartbreaking movie "country strong". i love the message in this song. timing truly is everything. :) well i'm going to stop typing and go lie down again. xoxo

{cause you can be hurt by love, or healed by the same; timing is everything.}

Saturday, February 19, 2011

uhhh... happy valentine's day?

ok wow, i'm a terrible person... i cannot believe i let 4 months go by without blogging... yikes... well anyway, happy first blogaversary to me! haha my first blog post was on Valentine's Day of last year! woohoo! i'm still here! {& yes, still single!} haha so let's see, where should i start? so back in octoberrr, haha, my 21st birthday was wonderful. just celebrated with my family! & then i went to out to the bars at mill avenue with my sister & her friends for the first time. that was a fun experience haha umm november was good too because hello, it's Thanksgiving time. haha and December was lovely & bittersweet because of Christmas {two thumbs up!} but then having to say goodbye to my sister Madison for four months {meh}... but she is doing so great in ecuador and i am so happy for her! she's having amazing experiences out there & impacting children's lives! i'm so proud of her & her example. & super stoked that she'll be home next month!! :D Madison Alise Brown= Awesome!!! january was a blast! i went to utah with my marvelous momma to go to my cousin the lovely Lindsay Jane's wedding. it was beautiful! then i went snowboarding at Park City for two days with my rad cousin Max! & get this, i went down the friggin park runs & went off some jumps!!! aaah i was sooo proud of myself. only landed a few but hey! milestooone! bigtime! haha & there were some pros snowboarding there with us so that was pretty sweet! {sicky sicky gnar! hahaa} so other than that, i have just been working & schooling. {the usual} haha oh! & last weekend, my gorgeous cousin Amanda Zoe got marrieeed! i was one of her bridesmaids & the whole day was a blast {especially the dancing part! hollaaa!} hmm what else.. oh right! i've also been dating quite a bit which has been friggin awesome! i went on two dates last week. & i went on four dates in one week last month! woop woop! haha all of them were way fun too! i love dating & being single. it's great fun. i don't recommend a lifetime of it, but i do enjoy it. haha anyway so Valentine's Day was this week! bow chicka wow-woow! haha but no i didn't have a hot date & i'm not sad about it {anymore} so ha! :P but here's a picture of me kissing one of the lovely babes in my life. GiGi Michele Brown. i love this little angelic babygirrrl!

anyways so back to Valentine's Day! it was actually a pretty lovely day. i worked all day, the weather was nice, received some sweet valentines wishes, hung out with my dear friend staci and her sister lacey all night! haha {i adore those girlies!} & i also received an edible arrangements of chocolate covered strawberries from a secret admirer. :) they were deliciosooo! i'm also getting super excited because a bunch of cool friends of mine have been & will be getting home from their missions this year! so crazyyy! i'm actually going to a homecoming tomorrow! yaaay! well friends, i am actually really tired from a full day of work & trying to recover from a cold-flu sickness situation. soo i'm going to get to bed now so i can wake up fully healed! {crossing my fingers} but i will update more later! promise! in the meantime, i'll share some of my new year's resolutions that i've been working on. love ya'll! xoxoxo jb out!

Some of JB's New Year's Resolutions

1) Get more SLEEEP!!! {Go to bed before midnight!}

2) Watch more "wholesome" movies! :)
3) Go to the gym more often & shed some more lbs!
4) SAVE MONEY!!! Stop buying {so many} clothes!
5) Write in my journal more! {like way more than i blog...}

Saturday, October 16, 2010


so let me just start by saying i LOVE OCTOBER!!! :) its vunderful! but oh my goodness gracious this year is just soooaring! last month i went to Lake Powell with my [beyond awesome] older sis Madison & a bunch of cool kids for POWELLOOZA! i must say it was a killer good time! i had a lot of fun! so lately i've just been doing school and work. i'm taking 5 classes: Astronomy, Human Development, Marriage & Family Life, Spanish, & Statistics. soo i've been keeping myself busy that's for sure. haha other than that i've just been hanging out with my family and trying to get more shleeeep. i am definitely a sleep deprived student. haha sooo this weekend has been wonderful so far. i went to see a movie with mi familia. thursday night i went to see the midnight showing of the new Jackass movie with my [amazing] older brother cameron! and nooo i did not see it in 3-D and i'm very glad i didn't because i probably would have spewed all over the place haha. very funny movie. i seriously cannot remember the last time i laughed that hard in a movie. haha but i do not recommend it for people with a weak stomach... tonight i saw the movie "Secratariat" with my daddy and the twinners. it's a reeeally good movie. makes me wanna go horseback riding. & i recommend that movie for surrre. i also got to spend time with my baby niece GiGi and nephew Jude. They are adorable!!! and are growing sooo fasssst! its scaring me! haha but anyway sooo i'm turning shwenty one tomorroooow! baaaah! i'm so old! haha but yeah i have a feeling this 21st year of mine is going to be faaabulous! :) anywho so i'm having the family over for dinner tomorrow night! my mom and dad are gunna make my faaavorite SPAGHETTi! mmmm i'm very excited! & Jude turns 2 on monday! woohoooo! i love birthdays! i love my family! & i love life! alright well i'm going to start celebrating by watching newsies with my little sis and then go to beeeed. got a big day ahead of me: Churchity Church, Matty Boy's Farewell, and then PARTYYYY FAMiLY STYYYLE!!! :) woohooo! haha i'll update you soon. laterrrr! <3>

sister lovin at Lake Powell!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Sundaaay!

hello everyone! wow these past few weeks have just flown by! but i do have some very exciting news! my brother cam and sister-in-law emily had their first baby girl Gigi Michele Brown a few weeks ago! so i got to see her for the first time on Tuesday! and ohhh my goodness she is beautiful! so so tiny but she's adorable! she has super dark brown hair too! like a full head of brown hair! i love it! and i love her! and i am sooo happy for cam and em! and that max and jude have a new baby sister! i'm so glad that she's here and healthy! :) i'm so excited to buy her little dresses and girly stuff! haha oh and i saw the new movie 'Inception' twice! and it was incredible! sooo crazy! really makes you think a lot. Leo definitely deserves an Oscar for it! haha and i went shopping with jessica! and met new and fun boys! woohoo! it was a great week! and i had a veeeery interesting but fun weekend... haha but anyway today is the Sabbath and i enjoyed every bit of it. :) i attended three different wards! woohoo! i can just smell the blessings coming my way. haha and i've been reading/studying/highlighting my Scriptures today more than i have in a long time. i cannot say enough how thankful i am for this Gospel and that i have it in my life. oh it is wonderful.. wonderful to me. (cheesy i know haha) well i hope everyone is having a splendid Sunday! here's a cute quote i found from our sweet sister Marjorie Hinckley. She was and still is an amazing lady. bah i miss her and her husband,our late & beloved Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. But, I know they are in a better and happier place and are doing great things behind the veil. :) Enjoy!

"I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails. I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden. I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived." — Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Saturday, July 10, 2010

101 Things I Love!

so i feel like this is a great idea, to share some things that i love! it really makes me appreciate the little things in life! :) so have fun reading about the subjects of my life that bring me joy & happiness. ps. These are in no particular order. just in the order of what pops into my head...

i l o v e . . .
1) my family!
2) when my dad calls me princess.
3) cowboy boots!!!
4) smiling at strangers. :)
5) everything zebra!
6) church! O:)
7) singing loud in the car
8) daaanciiiing!!!
9) shopping shopping shopping!
10) making plans for my future wedding! even though i'm extremely single. haha
11) music! all kinds! music=love
12) babiiiies and children! :) i can't wait to be a mommy! i already have a list of baby names. haha
13) helping others! it makes me so happy when i help other people become happy.
14) food and trying new foods!
15) reading and re-reading books! and discovering new books! i love going to old bookstores.
16) going to & seeing pictures of the Mesa Arizona Temple!
17) leather jackets!
18) the dry heat of Arizona!
19) Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ.
20) meeting new people and making new friends!
21) going on dates.
22) Disneylaaand! :)
23) learning, listening to, and speaking the Spanish language. i think the Spanish language is beautiful. and i love when people mistake me for a Latina woman and start speaking spanish to me really fast & then look at me weirdly when i say i don't understand what they're saying. haha happens to me a lot. and yes i find spanish television extremely entertaining.
24) the beauty of Arizona sunsets!
25) laughing! until it hurts!
26) RED ViiiiiNES!
27) working out!
28) the Wii game 'Just Dance'
29) my room! ( it makes me never want to move out!)
30) how wonderful & understanding my parents are
31) riding my beach cruiser bicycle! :)
32) wearing dresses!
33) frozen yogurt!
34) the feeling of being productive!
35) CAKE! especially cheesecake and red velvet cake!
36) traveling! my goal is to go to all the places my grandmother went to! which is pretty much everywhere!
37) love stories.. even the ridiculously sappy ones!
38) the ocean and the beach!
39) the song "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. it puts me in the best mood haha weird i know.
40) sunshiiine! 8)
41) DiET COKE!
42) shoes! especially peep toe pumps!
43) the smell of Abercrombie's cologne 'Fierce'. its smells soo ridiculously good.
44) going to concerts!
46) art museums!
47) going to mexico on vacation!
48) cooookiiiies & pazookieees
49) 90's sitcoms! i miss them so much!
40) watching men play sports.. mainly basketball, football, and volleyball.
41) going to Z Gallerie, IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. and getting ideas for when i get my own place... ohhh the things i will do! :):):)
42) when people are honest and genuine with me. having heart to hearts!
43) hearing and listening to people's accents
44) the PHOENiX SUUUNS!!!
45) Lake Powell!
46) looking at wedding rings & thinking about my idea of where i'm going to get engaged. ;)
47) Siberian Huskies and pretty/fluffy/furry dogs
48) piercing blue eyes!
49) flirting
50) making people laugh
51) getting dressed up!
52) horses! they're so beautiful and graceful. i love riding horses too!
53) Walmart
54) Scentsyyyy!!! (Thanks to my cousin Morgan)
55) giving and receiving flowers & letters in the mail
56) the voices of Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, & Liam Neeson. i wish they would all do booktapes of some sort. haha
57) the element H20! aguaaa!
58) when my mom tickles my back.
59) spending time with my family!
60) TiVo
62) when my sister madison does my hair and makeup :)
63) musicals!
64) Disney Pixar
65) making & checking off to-do lists
66) Geico commercials
67) PINK!
68) the feeling of confidence
69) the color red
71) poetry
72) campfires
73) sea creatures
74) memories of when i was a little girl
75) Shirley Temple
76) painting
77) gazing at the stars
78) freckles
79) camping
80) Feeling the Spirit
81) learning & understanding spiritual concepts, studying the Scriptures, & paying tithing
82) Red lipstick
83) my mother's name [Michele]
84) thinking about crazy things... ie: life on other planets
85) playing card games
86) family reunions
87) going boating
88) tubing down the river, even though the river is nasty!
89) listening to testimonies and bearing my own
90) Learning! Life is all about learning!
91) studying history!
92) peanut butter m&m's
93) my brilliant idea to create a Willy Wonka Theme Park!
94) losing weight!
95) President Thomas S. Monson! He is a wonderful man indeed.
96) Fruit!
97) whoever invented air conditioning!
98) when my dad cooks his specialty: Spaghetti :)
99) my two beautiful grandmothers and my sweet grandfather
100) feeling loved! <3
101) looking at pictures of my parents when they were young. i wish i could go back in time and see what they were like back in the day.. see the day they met... ah the idea of time travel fascinates me...

ok i'm going to stop there for now haha but hey, i encourage everyone to do this. it's actually a lot of fun and will make you smile :) hope you enjoyed my little list of loves. <3

Monday, July 5, 2010

JULY?! Is That You?! Leaping Lizards!

well surprise surprise! it's that wonderfully scorching hot month we Arizonians know as JULY!!! and i am just loving every sweaty second of it! :) but i'm also shocked at how fast time flew by this past month. good googly moogly! i've been having tons of fun this summer though. last week i went to Carlsbad, California with my dearest friend Jessica and her family. & it was sooooo much fun! we stayed there for a whole week! gah it was bliss! i lovelovelove california! so i was beyond thrilled that i was able to stay there for that long. it was wonderful. we went shopping in Oceanside, San Diego, and then went to Legoland and walked through their new aquarium. We also saw Toy Story 3 [which i absolutely adored] & went to a music museum. on our last day we went to L.A. to visit her friend Cory. he took us to Venice Beach and WOW was that ridiculously fun. lots of entertaining people there! so now i'm home and back to reality. workworkwork. but it's been a eventful week back. one event of the season being that the movie Eclipse came out this week. i took my little sister to go see it & i have to say i friggin loved it! waaay better than the other ones. Fact: Taylor Lautner aka Jacob is ridiculously attractive!!! it was definitely a trial to keep my mind from wandering when i was staring at his shmokin sexy bod! my GOODNESS he is sooo doggone HOTT! i was literally drooling! haha so anyway! Yesterday was INDEPENDENCE DAAAY! :) & boy it was a great day. gotta love the feeling of freedom! i also was happy to celebrate it with some of my family. cameron, emily, max, & jude came over on saturday and had a sleepover. that was way fun. :) we played Texas Hold Em with candy. i was surprised at how good max was at his poker face. haha so the next day on the 4th we all went swimming and morgan, nick, jacob, emily's sister ashley and her husband dallin came over too. it was such a lovely day. i am so blessed to have such a big and wonderful family. my family means everything to me. after we were done swimming, we all went over to emily's family's house and had a delicious dinner. Her dad makes thee best ribs. seriously, i'm not the biggest fan of ribs but oh my gosh these ribs were exceptional! Seriously Amazing!!! best ribs i have ever had! haaands down! after dinner, i met up with some friends and watched the fireworks show at the University of Phoenix. it was a pretty good show. it made me miss watching fireworks in utah though. someday i wanna go to Washington D.C. to celebrate the 4th. i have a feeling their fireworks show is probably one of the best. after the fireworks, jessica and i met up with more friends at In-n-Out for "midnight run". a very American way to end America's birthday. haha it was a very fun Independence Day this year. i enjoyed it. well, it's getting late and i have work in the morning. so i will update you later this month. goodbye for now!