Wednesday, June 2, 2010

june juney june bug!

well well well june has definitely snuck up on me. haha but hey! may was marvelous! the AVA concert was incredible! i got to meet the whole band! and hang out with them during their soundcheck! and i got a free poster that they signed for me and a free t-shirt! gaaah i was in heaven. AVA=Greatness! they make me happy. :) & memorial day was fun! i went to the river with my gorgeous cousin amanda zoe, her lover preston, and preston's brother & friends. it was a blast! sooo many people were there. it was quite a day! i got burnt pretty bad but its turning into a tan so i'm excited! & i can't express how happy i am that spring semester is overrrr! no more school til august! i LOVE SUMMERTiME!!!! so what does june have to offer jordan brown? let's seee.... well So You Think You Can DANCE! is back on again! gaaah i am so thrilled! SYTYCD is my favfavfavorite! oh & i'm going to california later this month with my favorite woman jessicaaaaa! so that's going to be a splendidly wonderful vacation! :) gaaaah! i am so happy with my life and where it's going. i'm a lot happier now than i was last year. a lot has happened this past year, but i've grown so much & am looking forward to the future. yay life! haha well, i am going to go enjoy my wednesday night with my girl jess. i will keep you posted more this month i promise! :) peeeeace!