Monday, July 5, 2010

JULY?! Is That You?! Leaping Lizards!

well surprise surprise! it's that wonderfully scorching hot month we Arizonians know as JULY!!! and i am just loving every sweaty second of it! :) but i'm also shocked at how fast time flew by this past month. good googly moogly! i've been having tons of fun this summer though. last week i went to Carlsbad, California with my dearest friend Jessica and her family. & it was sooooo much fun! we stayed there for a whole week! gah it was bliss! i lovelovelove california! so i was beyond thrilled that i was able to stay there for that long. it was wonderful. we went shopping in Oceanside, San Diego, and then went to Legoland and walked through their new aquarium. We also saw Toy Story 3 [which i absolutely adored] & went to a music museum. on our last day we went to L.A. to visit her friend Cory. he took us to Venice Beach and WOW was that ridiculously fun. lots of entertaining people there! so now i'm home and back to reality. workworkwork. but it's been a eventful week back. one event of the season being that the movie Eclipse came out this week. i took my little sister to go see it & i have to say i friggin loved it! waaay better than the other ones. Fact: Taylor Lautner aka Jacob is ridiculously attractive!!! it was definitely a trial to keep my mind from wandering when i was staring at his shmokin sexy bod! my GOODNESS he is sooo doggone HOTT! i was literally drooling! haha so anyway! Yesterday was INDEPENDENCE DAAAY! :) & boy it was a great day. gotta love the feeling of freedom! i also was happy to celebrate it with some of my family. cameron, emily, max, & jude came over on saturday and had a sleepover. that was way fun. :) we played Texas Hold Em with candy. i was surprised at how good max was at his poker face. haha so the next day on the 4th we all went swimming and morgan, nick, jacob, emily's sister ashley and her husband dallin came over too. it was such a lovely day. i am so blessed to have such a big and wonderful family. my family means everything to me. after we were done swimming, we all went over to emily's family's house and had a delicious dinner. Her dad makes thee best ribs. seriously, i'm not the biggest fan of ribs but oh my gosh these ribs were exceptional! Seriously Amazing!!! best ribs i have ever had! haaands down! after dinner, i met up with some friends and watched the fireworks show at the University of Phoenix. it was a pretty good show. it made me miss watching fireworks in utah though. someday i wanna go to Washington D.C. to celebrate the 4th. i have a feeling their fireworks show is probably one of the best. after the fireworks, jessica and i met up with more friends at In-n-Out for "midnight run". a very American way to end America's birthday. haha it was a very fun Independence Day this year. i enjoyed it. well, it's getting late and i have work in the morning. so i will update you later this month. goodbye for now!


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