Thursday, March 10, 2011

timing is everything...

so i've been sick with a terrible cold/flu/sinus infection situation for a week now.. fever, bodyaches, sore throat, coughing, you know, all that fun stuff. so i've been watching all these cute love movies to distract me. {murphy's romance, a walk to remember, pride & prejudice, twilight, how to lose a guy in ten days, juno} i love these movies. even though they make me feel like the only single lady in the world. haha my goodness, i do not like this worthless feeling that sickness brings me. it's humbling in a way but also pretty depressing. but yeah, i hope i'll get better by this weekend. especially since next week is SPRiNG BREAK!! sheesh, i did not see that coming so soon. crazy how time flies. anyway, so i randomly remembered this cute song from the heartbreaking movie "country strong". i love the message in this song. timing truly is everything. :) well i'm going to stop typing and go lie down again. xoxo

{cause you can be hurt by love, or healed by the same; timing is everything.}

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