Saturday, February 19, 2011

uhhh... happy valentine's day?

ok wow, i'm a terrible person... i cannot believe i let 4 months go by without blogging... yikes... well anyway, happy first blogaversary to me! haha my first blog post was on Valentine's Day of last year! woohoo! i'm still here! {& yes, still single!} haha so let's see, where should i start? so back in octoberrr, haha, my 21st birthday was wonderful. just celebrated with my family! & then i went to out to the bars at mill avenue with my sister & her friends for the first time. that was a fun experience haha umm november was good too because hello, it's Thanksgiving time. haha and December was lovely & bittersweet because of Christmas {two thumbs up!} but then having to say goodbye to my sister Madison for four months {meh}... but she is doing so great in ecuador and i am so happy for her! she's having amazing experiences out there & impacting children's lives! i'm so proud of her & her example. & super stoked that she'll be home next month!! :D Madison Alise Brown= Awesome!!! january was a blast! i went to utah with my marvelous momma to go to my cousin the lovely Lindsay Jane's wedding. it was beautiful! then i went snowboarding at Park City for two days with my rad cousin Max! & get this, i went down the friggin park runs & went off some jumps!!! aaah i was sooo proud of myself. only landed a few but hey! milestooone! bigtime! haha & there were some pros snowboarding there with us so that was pretty sweet! {sicky sicky gnar! hahaa} so other than that, i have just been working & schooling. {the usual} haha oh! & last weekend, my gorgeous cousin Amanda Zoe got marrieeed! i was one of her bridesmaids & the whole day was a blast {especially the dancing part! hollaaa!} hmm what else.. oh right! i've also been dating quite a bit which has been friggin awesome! i went on two dates last week. & i went on four dates in one week last month! woop woop! haha all of them were way fun too! i love dating & being single. it's great fun. i don't recommend a lifetime of it, but i do enjoy it. haha anyway so Valentine's Day was this week! bow chicka wow-woow! haha but no i didn't have a hot date & i'm not sad about it {anymore} so ha! :P but here's a picture of me kissing one of the lovely babes in my life. GiGi Michele Brown. i love this little angelic babygirrrl!

anyways so back to Valentine's Day! it was actually a pretty lovely day. i worked all day, the weather was nice, received some sweet valentines wishes, hung out with my dear friend staci and her sister lacey all night! haha {i adore those girlies!} & i also received an edible arrangements of chocolate covered strawberries from a secret admirer. :) they were deliciosooo! i'm also getting super excited because a bunch of cool friends of mine have been & will be getting home from their missions this year! so crazyyy! i'm actually going to a homecoming tomorrow! yaaay! well friends, i am actually really tired from a full day of work & trying to recover from a cold-flu sickness situation. soo i'm going to get to bed now so i can wake up fully healed! {crossing my fingers} but i will update more later! promise! in the meantime, i'll share some of my new year's resolutions that i've been working on. love ya'll! xoxoxo jb out!

Some of JB's New Year's Resolutions

1) Get more SLEEEP!!! {Go to bed before midnight!}

2) Watch more "wholesome" movies! :)
3) Go to the gym more often & shed some more lbs!
4) SAVE MONEY!!! Stop buying {so many} clothes!
5) Write in my journal more! {like way more than i blog...}


  1. haha it is about time!! love you gizzy :)

  2. Love this post... Love your New Years resolutions(Skadoosh!)and love you (Giggidy)!