Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Already?!

Alright wow! i seriously cannot believe it's April! time is flying! well spring break was a blast! saying it was fun would definitely be an understatement. haha mexico is always a good time! loved it & met lots of cool people! :) ah i miss mexico... anywho. school is going good. but i am soo-ho-ho ready for summertime. :) so what is new in jordan's life you ask? hmmm nothing much really haha. just livin life day by day. & life is good. so i'll just share some random nonsense that i'm thinking about.
1) i'm saving up my money to buy a new pair of cowgirl boots. :)
2) i just got four new dresses and am getting another one tomorrow! haha! i LOVE dresses!
3) i'm going to the Angels & Airwaves concert with my friend Adam next month and can't waaait! this will be my second time seeing them in concert! they are amazing live!
4) i love watching the Biography channel! (i'm watching the biography on Jon Bon Jovi right now).
5) i have a major crush on Shia Labeouf! did you see him on the cover of GQ this month?! ooh baby babyyy! he is mighty fine.
6) i am so excited for my cycling class tomorrowww!!!
7) i think i might like Modern Family more than The Office now... crazy i know but Modern Family is hilarious! i love everything about it! & Kirstie Alley's new show Big Life is way funny!
8) i have some things i need to sell! if anyone needs a small tv, ipod (classic,black), or blackberry pearl (red) let me know!
9) i want to go somewhere this summerrrr! if anyone is going on a trip to California, New York, Europe, Australia, Thailand, etc... let me know! i would love to be involved!
10) i'm craving sushiiii!!!

aaaand this movie makes me happy! hahaha goodnight everyone! enjoy the video!