Saturday, October 16, 2010


so let me just start by saying i LOVE OCTOBER!!! :) its vunderful! but oh my goodness gracious this year is just soooaring! last month i went to Lake Powell with my [beyond awesome] older sis Madison & a bunch of cool kids for POWELLOOZA! i must say it was a killer good time! i had a lot of fun! so lately i've just been doing school and work. i'm taking 5 classes: Astronomy, Human Development, Marriage & Family Life, Spanish, & Statistics. soo i've been keeping myself busy that's for sure. haha other than that i've just been hanging out with my family and trying to get more shleeeep. i am definitely a sleep deprived student. haha sooo this weekend has been wonderful so far. i went to see a movie with mi familia. thursday night i went to see the midnight showing of the new Jackass movie with my [amazing] older brother cameron! and nooo i did not see it in 3-D and i'm very glad i didn't because i probably would have spewed all over the place haha. very funny movie. i seriously cannot remember the last time i laughed that hard in a movie. haha but i do not recommend it for people with a weak stomach... tonight i saw the movie "Secratariat" with my daddy and the twinners. it's a reeeally good movie. makes me wanna go horseback riding. & i recommend that movie for surrre. i also got to spend time with my baby niece GiGi and nephew Jude. They are adorable!!! and are growing sooo fasssst! its scaring me! haha but anyway sooo i'm turning shwenty one tomorroooow! baaaah! i'm so old! haha but yeah i have a feeling this 21st year of mine is going to be faaabulous! :) anywho so i'm having the family over for dinner tomorrow night! my mom and dad are gunna make my faaavorite SPAGHETTi! mmmm i'm very excited! & Jude turns 2 on monday! woohoooo! i love birthdays! i love my family! & i love life! alright well i'm going to start celebrating by watching newsies with my little sis and then go to beeeed. got a big day ahead of me: Churchity Church, Matty Boy's Farewell, and then PARTYYYY FAMiLY STYYYLE!!! :) woohooo! haha i'll update you soon. laterrrr! <3>

sister lovin at Lake Powell!