Monday, March 1, 2010

Lunes Lunes... so good to me

Well howdy! sorry for not blogging for two weeks! Wow! i'm a horrible blogger. but hey i'm a beginner and will improve don't you worry. So these past few weeks have been busy busy. School is going well though. i'm doing amazingly well in my spanish class. Areebaaa! haha it's funny though, being in that class makes me want move to Mexico or go on a mission to a Spanish speaking country. haha & since i'm turning 21 this year its a definite possibility! hmmmm... we'll see! haha oh and p.s. i cannot believe it is already March!!! March Madness has officially started! woohoo! ah i am so excited for Spring Break and all of its wonderfulness! :) I'm planning on going to Mexico so that's a guaranteed good time. haha so what else is new...oh I've also been getting a lot of missionary mail which is rare since I don't really write missionaries. haha but my good friends from high school that are out on their missions have been writing me lately and I have to say I am enjoying getting & returning their emails. I guess I forgot how fun having pen pals is. But yeah, don't worry readers, i don't have a missionary that I'm waiting for. not my style. haha Well other than all of that fun stuff, I've just been working at Bella and working out everyday. I've now lost 25 pounds! :) can i get a woot woot?! haha ah I cannot stress how much happier I am. i love it. oh & i attended two beautiful wedding receptions. i love going to weddings. even though i feel like i stick out like a sore thumb as a single 20 year old mormon woman. haha all these single mormon ladies are dropping like flies. haha but whatev. Hakuna Matata. my time will come. just gotta be patient. So in other news, I've finally started rearranging my room! YAAAY! haha i love doing interior decorating projects. We got my zebra carpet stretched and cleaned today so it looks lovely now. woop woop. so we've been moving around my furniture & it's crazy how much bigger my room looks now since I moved my bed. But yeah, so this week I'm going to Walmart to buy myself a Flat screen TV. & I'm going to look around for some chairs or a small sofa. I am sooo beyond excited! :) (if anyone knows of any nice brands of flat screens let me know because i am sort of clueless in that department) oh & speaking of interior decorating projects, haha, i got to help my friend Jessica paint her apartment this weekend! it was a lot of fun and turned out great! So what else is new...hmm.. oh right! Hoy! Today was a great monday! I got to babysit my adorable baby nephew Jude this morning! (The adorable little boy in the picture) I cannot believe how big he is getting! It's nuts! He is so much fun. I enjoyed playing with him. His favorite thing to do right now is chuck things as hard as he can. & it's funny watching him do it because he thinks its hilarious. haha he's so precious. & super active! He kept crawling around and saying "Dadadada" haha i adore that child. & I am sooo excited because my brother Cam and his wife Emily (Jude's parents) are expecting a daughter at the end of the summer! I'm going to have another niece!!! I am absolutely thrilled! :) i can't wait! i love shopping for babies! haha that might sound weird to you but it's fun to me! i was born with a love for shopping. A trait I inherited from my mother. haha well bloggers, i got to run! I will write more soon! Paz! xoxo

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