Monday, March 14, 2011

why hello there spring break!

alright party people, so i'm all better now! & perfect timing too! because... iT'S SPRiNG BREAK BABY!! woohoo! haha i am just a happy little lady right now. i soaked up the sun on thursday & friday. got some fresh new tan lines! mmm haha. on friday night i went to the Ostrich Festival with a few of my Gilbert friends & my little sister. that was a good time! we got to witness the Ready Set concert which was awesome. i only know one song from them {Love Like Woa!} haha but it was fun. they were pretty good! i felt like an old maid though because everyone at the concert was like 14. haha but yeah, so after the concert, we rode some riveting carnival rides. my favorite one would have to be the Starship. haha laughed myself to tears on that one. such a fun gut-busting ride. we didn't see any of the ostriches though. but there were stands there that were selling ostrich meat.. which i found to be morbid, ironic, & gross. haha needless to say, we decided to invest in a strawberry funnel cake instead. mucho delicioso. :) on saturday, i took the twins to go see *Red Riding Hood* which was {surprisingly} really good! it's very suspenseful & keeps you guessing throughout the whole movie, but it's great! the twins & i enjoyed it. so now i'm getting super excited because this thursday i'm going on a roadtrip to utah with the wonderful miss hillary udall! YAAAY! :D she's turning 21 this weekend so this trip is going to be a party for sure! & we're going snowboarding!! aaaah!! i am muy muy muy escited! but yeah so now i'm gunna watch some chelsea lately, put on the movie "Surf's Up!" & go to bed. goodnight blogworld! mucho amor! xoxoxo ps. ONLY TWO WEEKS TiL MADiSON GETS HOOOME!!! :D

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